Travel expenses cover far more than the price to book flights, the cost of food, and more. When it comes to covering your accommodations on any trips, costs can skyrocket, especially when booking hotels all over the world. Thankfully, there are several effective ways to save money when booking rooms.

How to Book Cheaper Hotel Rooms

You don’t have to lower your accommodation standards to get the best deals on hotels. With the latest apps and some clever planning, you can save the most on your hotel bookings and even make a little money while you’re at it. Read on for great travel deals for your accommodations:

1. Get Alerts Through Kayak

Kayak is the go-to for many people searching for deals on their traveling expenses. Offering discounts on flights, hotels, and cars, Kayak is the first place to check for cheaper hotel rooms. The best thing about Kayak is that it sends price alerts for the particular dates and hotels that you’re interested in. As soon as the price drops, it will send you a notification so you can take advantage of immediately.

2. Get Unwanted Rooms on Cancelon and Roomer

Despite our best-laid travel plans, life happens. From missed flights to late cancellations, when travel plans go array, sites like Cancelon and Roomer make sure you can benefit from them. These sites list these accommodations after travelers make late cancellations or leave before their checkout date. If you’re looking for the best prices on premium hotel rooms, use these sites.

3. Check for Hotel Room Discounts on Groupon and Living Social

Love to travel with luxury accommodations? Don’t worry, you can take advantage of hotel deals as well. Most travelers don’t realize that just as they use Groupon and Living Social to take advantage of local deals, the site also offers fantastic deals on hotels. Check these sites regularly to get the best hotel deals on upscale accommodations.

4. Use Airline Miles for Hotel Rooms

Airline miles aren’t just beneficial for booking flights. If you have extra airline miles, use them when you make a new booking. Depending on the hotel, you’ll be able to take advantage of these rewards and get discounts on bookings or an entirely free stay.

5. Purchase Hotel Rooms with Credit Card Points

Before whipping out your credit card to pay full price for your hotel room, consider putting your credit card points towards the booking itself. Depending on the number of points you’ve accrued, you can use them (instead of your card) to purchase the room.

6. Use Membership Discounts

Certain memberships offer serious discounts for travelers. From members of the AAA to individuals that have their International Student Identity Card, these members are able to take advantage of these deals. By joining these organizations, you’ll be able to save money on accommodations all around the world.

7. Take Advantage of Last-Minute Deals with Priceline

Priceline is another solution that will save you money on hotel rooms. With this site, you can save upwards of 60% off on last-minute rooms. However, this site won’t always give you the accommodations you need as you’ll have to book as last minute as possible. However, if your travel plans are relatively flexible, Priceline will likely work for you.

8. Look for Sudden Price Drops on Hotel Tonight

If you’re still on the last-minute deal hunt, look no further than Hotel Tonight. This app is known for its amazing prices for last minute hotels. Whether you’re opting for a staycation or you don’t mind holding your breath as you wait for your next accommodation, try this app. Thankfully for travelers in need of slightly more solid travel plans, Hotel Tonight also lets users book in advance for hotel rooms.

9. Write Hotel Reviews and Earn Money with Yonderbound

Find more ways to earn money for your travel accommodations by sharing experiences from hotels you’ve stayed at in the past. Whether you’re a certified travel blogger or just someone with an honest review, Yonderbound is a review site that rewards reviewers by paying them for their hotel reviews. After travelers book a hotel after being inspired by one of your reviews, you’ll earn 70% of the profit. Essentially, you’re getting paid to be honest about your travel experiences, which is a good way to save on accommodations and save up money for your next trip.

10. Ask Hotels for Deals

You’ll never get what you don’t ask for. The bottom line is that if you really want a deal on your hotel room, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Email or call the hotel or a specific employee to ask if there are currently any available deals for hotel rooms. While they’ll likely share the same specials and deals that are available online, there is a chance that they can give you a price reduction or free room upgrade.

You’ll improve your chances of snagging a deal if your stay is longer. Hotels tend to offer more deals the longer one’s stay is. While there’s no guarantee that the hotel of your choice will give you a deal, it’s better to ask to make sure you’ve covered every possible option.

11. Look for More Day-Of Deals with Tonight

If you already use, try Tonight to find more last-minute deals. The hotels offered through this app only offers one- to two-night stays. While you’ll still need to be particularly flexible with your travel plans when using Tonight, this app offers its deals at midnight–much earlier than any of the competition.

Don’t ever overspend on your hotel room again. Make sure you enjoy your upcoming travel plans by making the best decision for your accommodations. Keep this guide in mind as you look for new ways to save money on any upcoming bookings.